Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why is Today Special? P.1

In a new series I will be posting interesting facts about the current day to get your day going. Who knows maybe you will learn something new. I cant post every single thing that happened that will just be way too long of read but I will try to post the most interesting things.

Today is April 13 2011.

-Famous Birthdays-
*Thomas Jefferson (1743) Would be 268 today. He was a past United States President.
*Max Weinberg (1951) He is 60 today. He was the band leader for Conan O'Brien show.
*Don Adams (1926) He would be 85. He was the star of the tv series Get Smart.
*Al Green (1946) He is 65 today. He is a famous R&B singer.

*Thomas Jefferson Day-Self explanatory
*Sinhala and Tamil New Year (Sri Lanka) - This is Sri Lankas New Year. Many other South and Southeast Asian countries celebrate around this time.

-Historical Events-
*837 - Best view of Halley's Comet in 2000 years
*1204 - Crusaders occupy Constantinople
*1241 - Battle at Theiss: Mongols beat Hungarian King Béla IV
*1250 - The Seventh Crusade is defeated in Egypt, Louis IX of France is captured
*1556 - Portuguese Marranos who revert back to Judaism burned by order of Pope

Thank you for taking the time to read my first part of many installments of Why is Today Special? Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. I like the idea.

  2. constantinople was occupied on this day?.. hmm this is big

  3. Max Weinberg is/was also Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band drummer.

  4. ive heard of thomas jefferson before

  5. That's very interesting, please continue with this

  6. Thanks for keeping me updated. Without history we wouldn't be where we are today :)

  7. some interesting facts, thanks!

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  9. Nice info. Keep the posts up

  10. Great series idea! Keep up the good posting.

  11. I really like this concept, can't wait to see what happened on my b-day.

  12. cool learn something new every day

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