Monday, April 18, 2011

Why Is Today Special? 4/18/11

Today is April 18th.

Taxes are due today!!!

-Famous Birthdays-

*America Ferrera (1984) She is 27 today. She is the star of Ugly Betty.

*Melissa Joan Hart (1976) She is 35 today. She was the star of many teen shows.

*Conan O'Brien (1963) He 48 today. He is the star of his own late night show.

*James Woods (1947) He is 64 today. He is a very famous actor. He is also appears on Family Guy sometimes.


*National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day - Wear them if you wont get fired...

*Anniversary - Paul Revere's Ride - The famous ride where he announced that the British were coming.

*Passover (Jewish - begins at sundown) - A Jewish holy day and festival. Commemorating the story of the Exodus, in which the ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt.

-Historical Events-

*310 - St Eusebius begins his reign as Catholic Pope.

*1676 - Sudbury, Mass attacked by Indians.

*1775 - Paul Revere & William Dawes warn "British are coming!"

*1783 - Fighting ceases in the American Revolution, eight years to the day since it began.


  1. Conan and James Woods, how about that? Yeah, glad I got my taxes done last week.

  2. Lol national pyjamma day, that must of been fun! nice post

  3. Pajama to work day? never heard of that

  4. National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day - I would get fired

  5. Outta ideas to post? I know that feeling ;)

  6. I would get fired for the Pajama stuff.

  7. Does Paul Revere always remind anyone else of Clone High? :P

  8. james woods birthday today thats funny

  9. haha, good info bud. I'd slap on a yamaka for the sake of passover, if i had one ...even though im not a jew.

  10. I always think about doing this style post in a comic form. a3

  11. I love the spin you put on things, fine job!