Thursday, April 21, 2011

Food I Cook: Kielbasa & Beans -EASTER EDITION-

Well in the spirit of Easter I thought I would debut a new series "Food I Cook". In this series you will get to see what I personally cook. I will post all recipes as well as pictures. Most things will be easy to moderate difficulty. I am no professional chef but I do try so enjoy.

The first food will be Kielbasa & Beans, this is a very easy recipe and does not take long at all to cook.
Kielbasa is a very popular Easter food.


-Beans (get as many cans as you'd like depending on how much you want to serve)

-Kielbasa (at least 1 big link)

How to make it:

Open package of Kielbasa.

Cut into desired sizes and put into a deep pot (if your not using a crock pot to warm up this dish)

Fry the pieces to desired color/crispness.

Open your can of beans.

Add beans to pot (or crock pot) with the meat.

Stir together and let it warm up over a medium-low heat.

Heat to a serving temperature, serve and enjoy! The beauty of this recipe is that everything is already pre-cooked (double check your kielbasa) so all you have to do is fry up the meat, add beans and warm.


  1. AHHH so hungry now!

  2. We usually do Kielbasa w/rice but this would work too!

  3. sounds good with some toast! I like my kielbasa with potatoes and cabbage

  4. i love sausage but it upsets my stomach, and I'm not a big fan of beans. but i know a lot of people in my family who would love this on easter, so maybe i'll make it.

  5. This looks delicious! I definitely will have to try this out.


  6. "Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit"

  7. Looks pretty good! simple too.